Silencing the Nasty Little Bitch in My Head

I first started blogging in 2011. I distinctly remember the fear I felt when I hit publish on my first blog post, terrified of having my thoughts and ideas put out for the entire world to see (and thereby criticize). But I was committed to doing it anyway because I was committed to personal growth, not to mention being tired of letting fear silence me.

6 years and a far more confident woman later, I find myself in a similar position. While my fear might not be using my voice it has evolved into a fear of not having anything important or smart enough to say.

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Newsletters I can’t live without

I’m an avid reader, and over the past year I’ve discovered the magic of newsletters in helping me discover the best content on the topics I care about. With the launch of my own newsletter, Above the Bottom Line, my subscriptions have become even more indispensable because they help me keep up with content that my own readers might find interesting.

Since I’m often asked what I read, here are the best newsletters I’ve discovered across the internet…

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Where do companies stand on the issues you most care about?

Muslim Ban. #NoDAPL. Refugees. #BlackLivesMatter. North Carolina’s “Bathroom Bill.” And on. And on. It’s depressing.

I’ve been following the news, more closely than ever before, particularly when it comes to social justice issues. And as someone who’s passionate about the social responsibility of business, I’m constantly wondering what companies are saying and doing in response.

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