Where do companies stand on the issues you most care about?

Muslim Ban. #NoDAPL. Refugees. #BlackLivesMatter. North Carolina’s “Bathroom Bill.” And on. And on. It’s depressing.

I’ve been following the news, more closely than ever before, particularly when it comes to social justice issues. And as someone who’s passionate about the social responsibility of business, I’m constantly wondering what companies are saying and doing in response.

Every once in awhile the outcry is so loud that CEOs find themselves practically forced to respond (e.g. Muslim ban) and sometimes there are only a few whose voices get press (e.g. Benioff on everything).

But what about the rest? Are they being ignored. Are they vocal? Do they even care? (Don’t answer that.)

I’ve been wishing there was a central resource to answer these questions, so I decided to create one. The Above the Bottom Line newsletter is a weekly email that keeps you updated on how the world’s most influential companies are taking a stance on the issues you care about.

Given the current administration, we’ll kick this thing off with the most pressing topics in the news and eventually expand to cover a broader range of topics. Then we’ll see where this takes us next…

Feel free to subscribe here if this interests you as much as it interests me!

Nikita T. MitchellComment