I'm a Young Nonprofit Blogger to Watch

Yesterday Rosetta Thurman named me one of the top 10 bloggers to watch this year in the social change space. I'm honored to have been counted among such awesome young people making waves in the nonprofit sector, some of whose blogs I already read regularly. (I'm immediately adding the newly discovered ones to my list!)

Furthermore, for those of you who have been around since the beginning of this blog you'll remember that Rosetta's Blogging for Branding Challenge is what gave me that final push to start this blog after it had been on my mind for months. I had been reading her blog for almost two years at that point and loved how she used a blog for her professional development and sharing ideas. It was the first blog of its kind that I became hooked on.

So Rosetta, thank you! And to the readers who have come this way since yesterday, welcome! I look forward to engaging with you over the next year. 2011, after all, is going to be incredible.

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