Your Work Is Not In Vain

The most frustrating part of working toward goals is the wait required to see the results. It can get overwhelming when you want to reach your destination, so much that the journey can become completely miserable. Instead of truly appreciating the present moments and taking advantage of all it has to offer, I personally tend to get restless and start to lose motivation.

After talking to several people about my current rut and reflecting a bit, I had to remind myself how much everything I do today and tomorrow and the day after that is what ultimately adds value to the accomplishment of my goals. No, I’ll probably never feel like I’ve gotten there fast enough (or that I’m even doing enough), but then again how many people do?

Not the people who have set fitness goals, working out religiously and eating better week after week.

Not the college students and entry-level professionals working hard to balance daily life with grad school applications, all while hoping and praying that they get into their top choice.

Not that author who sits down at his desk diligently writing day after day with the hopes of having his thoughts published.

And surely not the activists, organizers and change makers who get up every morning trying to make a difference for their cause.

Everyone must have patience. Everyone has to experience the journey. And while the process can at times be discouraging, the work you’re doing is not in vain. You are making progress. Every day that you wake up and choose to keep pushing forward and be the best you can be is another day that will pay off in the end. That’s what I have to remind myself.