Three Challenges in Breaking into the Nonprofit Sector and How to Overcome Them

Finding a job before you graduate is hard enough. Most college graduates cross the stage without a clue what their next move will be. The challenge doesn’t get any easier once the diploma is up on the wall and the real world begins to knock on your door. More than 50% of recent college graduates are currently unemployed or underemployed.

For those seeking careers in the social sector, the challenge of where to start is one Monisha Kapila knows well. As the Founder and CEO of ProInspire, she has been working to develop the next generation of nonprofit leaders by helping nonprofits expand their talent pipelines, develop professionals, and increase diversity. She offers advice on how to navigate the following three obstacles in landing the nonprofit job of your dreams:

  1. Nonprofits don’t recruit.
  2. Young professionals don’t have expansive networks.
  3. It’s difficult to know what kind of role is right for you. 
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