Women Changing The World Of Business From the Inside-Out

Women are no strangers to social change. The percentage of women in the non-profit sector – up to 74% in some cities – demonstrates the desires of women across the country to build careers committed to the greater good.

The non-profit sector isn’t the only place where you will find women changemakers. Many are boldly making moves as social entrepreneurs, starting companies that focus on doing good, for society, while doing well financially.

Some women are jump-starting careers as social intrapreneurs – individuals that work for social impact from within large companies and organizations. Typically under the radar, these women are working hard to use the power of business to create the kinds of changes they want to see in society.

Their backgrounds are varied, and their personal motivations are even more diverse. They include women like Kavita Prakash-Mani who, due to her upbringing in India, says she was very familiar with poverty and development. Or Jillene Connors Belopolsky and Dymphna van der Lans, whose passions for energy and sustainability led them to work for BP – a choice that perplexed family and friends who wondered about their desire to work for one the world’s largest oil and gas companies. Or Katharine Bierce, whose mother raised her to always think about those who are marginalized by society.

Their varied experiences, unique as they are, give us a peek into what it is like to be a woman working in this space. They are trailblazing career paths that many other women have yet to consider.

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