The Beauty of This Experience


Finally hitting send on yet another email. Rushing to get dressed and grabbing keys on the way out the door. Trekking the now seemingly long-distance 12 minute walk uphill to class, stopping exactly 10 minutes in to remove one or two of the layers required in the ever shifting temperature of the Bay as I start to sweat. Walking into that study team meeting, project team meeting, leadership meeting, class, or any of the many other regularly scheduled commitments of business school. Hopefully grabbing food somewhere in between. Balancing my energy between staying focused and remaining calm amidst the new levels of stress each week brings.

Now, a little over a month after completing my first year in business school I can't help but reflect on the  frenzy with which I've experienced the last several months. I spent my first semester drowning academically while setting my sights on key leadership roles. I spent my winter break trying to convince myself I could make it through the year and come out sparkling (not to mention binge watching Mad Men). And I spent the spring semester fearful of not recovering academically while stepping up to address leadership challenges and attempting to be more intentional about balance.

As I consider what it all meant, I can't help but wonder how easy it is to lose sight of the beauty of our experiences. In May, just as I was reaching what felt like my breaking point,I took a step back and remembered just how long I have dreamed of being in the position I am in today. How far I've come and how amazing the opportunities ahead of me are.

And while many things didn't go as planned this year (most notably: my cancelled Saudi Arabia trip for a course due to rejected visa applications), things have worked out beautifully. I'm determined to stay focused on that as I enter my second and, sadly, final year in my program.

--- Sidebar: I felt inspired to reflect and write this post while listening to Let Go by Frou Frou. Enjoy! Image Source: water's edge at sunset